2020 Record of Changes

Version 3.0

Released on Monday, April 20th, 2020

  • This annual update of The Complete CFII Binder is a major revision. We have completely re-written the entire book and have changed the page numbering scheme to allow for easier content additions in the future without disrupting the current page numbering in the binder.
  • We have added a Master Table of Contents a the beginning of the CFI Binder which will allow for global navigation. This Master TOC is hyperlinked and can be used to directly jump to any section within the binder. We've also created a hyperlinked lesson plan for each chapter which is clickable for easy navigation directly within each lesson plan.
  • All references in each lesson plan have been hyperlinked to their source. This way you can just click on the reference and download the source material of said reference right on your device.
  • All lessons have been optimized for the coming change in FAA Testing Standards (Airman Certification Standards). The ACS reference material has been hyperlinked in every lesson. 
  • This version is compatible with both the FAA PTS and FAA ACS.
  • All broken hyperlinks have been fixed. All multimedia within the binder that was previously broken has been fixed.
  • Each chapter has been completely written and reformatted and all errors reported by our customers have been fixed. Many of these errors were typographical with some factual. We hope this update provides our customers with a better user experience. 
  • The binder reflects our new branding for Divergent Aerospace with text and color formatting. 
  • This update is a product of our new publishing software which has taken us over 1 year to perfect and release. Following this update, there will be an annual revision of the Complete CFI Binder.

All Chapters, All Sections

Because of the magnitude of this release. We have chosen not to document each specific area that we have updated, as every single chapter and section with the binder itself has been completely re-written and modified from its previous version 2.0. The most significant user improvements have been listed above.

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