Resetting Your User Account Password

Have you lost your password? No problem... It happens. You have complete control over your customer account, which includes resetting your password. All on your own!

To reset your password, simply navigate to your Learner Profile. Then, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the login page. You'll find a link which says "Lost your password?"

You can reset your password either by following the directions provided above or if you'd like to keep things simple. Just click the link we've provided above. Your password will be reset in a jiffy!

A word of caution. Sometimes customers are tempted to sign in using a Social Media Account. This is no problem, however... If you do this without being signed into the account that houses all of your purchases. You'll need to contact us to have the accounts merged.

This situation sometimes happens when a customer is having trouble and inadvertently creates a duplicate account on our website, using their social media login, so that they can submit a support ticket to seek help.



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