How to Cancel a Subscription

As a customer. You have the direct ability to cancel or modify your recurring subscription enrollment. Your subscription can be canceled at any time.

To cancel your subscription, proceed to your Learner Profile, then scroll down to find "My Subscriptions." Click on View, then you will be directed to a new screen where you'll have the ability to modify your subscription.

Please review the screenshots provided below for a visual walk-through on how to accomplish this on your account.


The My Account page is where you will control all active subscriptions that you are currently enrolled in. You'll need to click on the  VIEW button in order to modify your subscription(s).


The View Subscription Page is where you will have the ability to actually cancel or subscribe to your subscription. This page also provides you will all of your pertinent billing details, such as renewal dates, and subscription fees.


If you decide that you'd like to re-subscribe to a subscription at a later time, you may do so. You'll simply need to pay the required annual subscription fee, and you'll be re-enrolled. There is no need to purchase an entirely new copy of The Complete CFI Binder Series.

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