Custom CFI Binder Modifications

We offer a Custom Editing Service to our customers, at an extra charge. This custom editing service is ideal for customers who need their textbook to reflect specific details about their specific aircraft.

This service is frequently used in situations where the aircraft being used is being operated under a Special Type Certificate (STC), Engine HP Changes, etc... We offer this service on a case-by-case basis, on a workload permitted basis.

If a customer is interested in this service, we request they contact us to discuss further details. Not all projects will be accepted.

Customization services are provided for a fee of $50 per/hour. A (5) five-hour retainer is also required and is held until the completion of your project. Any funds left-over from the retainer will promptly be refunded at project completion.

You will need to submit via U.S. Mail the PIM/AIM (Pilot’s Information Manual/Aircraft Information Manual) for the particular aircraft that you’re requesting be customized, as well as your flight school SOP’s for Emergencies and All Flight Maneuvers, so this data can be added to your customized CFI Binder.

All books and documents sent to us via U.S. Mail will be returned to you (at no cost) at the completion of the project. YOU MUST FURNISH A FULL PIM/AIM FOR YOUR AIRCRAFT OR THIS SERVICE CANNOT BE PROVIDED. **The Emergencies and Maneuvers lessons will only be edited if the customer provides their flight school SOP’s for Emergencies and All Flight Maneuvers.**

If you would like more information on this custom service, please contact us.

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